You Can Only Find The Best Italian Restaurant In KL.

Malaysia is a great place with delicious food, beautiful buildings, and a country rich in history, culture, and tradition. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, KL. It is the only place in Malaysia where you can find an Italian restaurant.

If you are looking for a place where you can get delicious Italian food, then Kuala Lumpur is the place to be. In fact, the best Italian restaurants are found in KL. Even your stomach will be happy knowing that something good is coming as the food served is nothing but the best.

Good Italian restaurants usually provide fresh ingredients that will make food taste delicious. The ingredients used will also be very clean and you don’t have to worry about finding things like worms or experiencing stomach upsets.

Do you think that it is only your stomach and taste buds that will know that you are about to eat delicious food? No of course! Your eyes will also have a taste of the food as the presentation of the food will satisfy your eyes. The food presentation is beautiful and you will feel like taking a picture before you eat.

Don’t worry about the Italian taste at KL as they will ensure that they bring the Italian taste to you and you don’t have to go to Italy to taste Italian food. Once you start eating the pasta it will be hard for you to stop eating it as it is very delicious.

The pasta is cooked perfectly and the sauce will just remind you of Italy if you have ever lived there. If you are an Italian visiting Malaysia, you will feel at home because the food will make you feel like you are in Italy eating Italian food.

Kuala Lumpur should be a place you eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner as there is no other place that says Italian than the restaurant in KL. If you are a tourist, don’t leave Kuala Lumpur without tasting food in the Italian restaurant as this will help you have something to remember about food in Malaysia.

Italian restaurants like are the best places to make your taste buds and stomachs very happy as they make Italian dishes in a unique way. The sauce does not usually have any trace of Malaysian in it and instead have the taste like an Italian has made it. download

If you feel hungry and you feel like eating an Italian meal, then why not visit Kuala Lumpur and get the best taste of Italian food? Even if you don’t feel like eating Italian food, then why don’t you just try tasting something you have never eaten before?

Kuala Lumpur is a place to be for all those who want to eat Italian food in Malaysia. You will be able to eat food made from fresh, clean ingredients and food presented in the best way possible to entice your taste buds. Satisfy your hunger and curiosity by eating Italian food in the best Italian restaurant in Malaysia today.

Romantic Date Ideas

A romantic dinner is an excellent way to impress your lover. Such a gesture can take you a long way – just remember to plan it all well – in order to make sure you’ll be having the best romantic dinner.

The first thing you should consider is the venue – the place you’ll be going makes for the majority of the mood, and thus the majority of the whole date. Should you live near the seaside, book a table on a restaurant at the seashore, and you can have a romantic, candle lit date – just make sure you check the weather forecast before you book it, since bad weather will ruin the mood completely.
Of course, you should take your lover, spouse or date’s tastes into account as well. Some might prefer luxury over rustic pleasure, and in this case you’re more likely to be successful if you pick an exclusive club or restaurant – so you’ll need to spend a little more money in order to please them.

Perhaps you could pick a great ballroom venue, inviting them to some tango after the dinner – or maybe watch a romantic movie such as “Scent of a Woman”, which has a famous dance scene which many women love. This is an excellent idea if you’re planning on proposing to her.

If you both love the great outdoors, you may want to set up a romantic dinner in a forest or park – just be safe and prepare a good torch which will help you finding the way back to the car. Make sure you have some candles, a fine champagne bottle as well as a pair of beautiful glasses. You might even organize this during a camping trip, if you’d like.

It’s important that you take the menu into account as well. French cuisine might be a great way to get your lover in the mood. In case you live in a big city, you can likely find a great French restaurant not too find away – otherwise, you’ll likely need to grab a cookbook in order to prepare the menu yourself.

Whenever you can, provide some musical entertainment as well – a restaurant that has live music, for instance. Just make sure you go there alone first, in order to check out their program before inviting the date – otherwise you might have an unpleasant surprise.

Lastly, a great tip for date ideas is unleashing your creativity and designing a list with a hundred romantic dinner ideas. If you can’t come up with 100 at once, just let the sit list and write down new options as you think of them, until you manage to figure out a hundred different ways.

After that, verify your budget and see which ideas fit well with it, and start using the ones you think your love will appreciate the most. When putting them in practice, it’s important that you’re flexible, since you will likely not be able to provide them by the letter – even then, your evening stands an excellent change of being extraordinary.

Taking The Most Out Of Your Kuala Lumpur Visit

Affordability, a richness in cultural heritage, diversity in population, unique sites of attraction and fine cuisines are the building blocks of every popular tourist destination. Kuala Lumpur tour package fits this bill in every way and the over eight million tourist arrival in this city stand as a testament to this feat. There is a lot to learn and experience Kuala lumpur hotelin this tourist paradise and knowing where the tourist attraction sites are located can make your trip to this fascinating city a delight.

History Of Kuala Lumpur

Among the most interesting cities in South-East Asia, Kuala Lumpur has a rich history rivalled only by a few cities. However, its recent history was due to the establishment the mining industry which has played a great role in influencing the character of the city and the culture of the people. Chinese miners and engineers migrated into this city at the turn of the 19th century with an aim of utilizing and exploiting the vast tin deposits found in the region.

Along with native Malays, the city developed a multicultural look out over time.  To add on to the pot of multiculturalism, the colonial era saw the British Empire exert influence on the culture of the people in Kuala Lumpur. Later on the occupation by the Japanese people after world war two enhanced the diversity of the culture.

A Simple Guide For First-Time Kuala Lumpur Visitors

Being new to this city should make your visit  even more exciting as you cannot run shot of sites to visit. There are numerous sites of interest to all new tourists and herein is a sample of them.

Architectural Sites Of Interests

Modernisation of Kuala Lumpur has resulted in a unique city, which feature both modern and traditional architectural structures. Modern skyscrapers and ancient together with the colonial houses give the city its diversity as the elements of architectural diversity. While in Kuala Lumpur, you should visit the Petronas Twin Towers, which are a marvel in that they are the world’s tallest twin towers. The Petronas Twin Towers has a great view from the Sky Bridge. Although it does cost money to gain access, the view is considered worthwhile by many tourists.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower is also a good place to visit. It is a four hundred meters tall communication tower with revolving restaurant. This accords you with a panoramic view of the city like no other.

Historic Sites

Central Merdeka epitomizes the history of Kuala Lumpur and its development. The variety of buildings found in Merdeka square provides tourist with the perfect opportunity to understand the various facets the city has gone through in order to reach where it is at presently. Moghul and Moorish styled building and the British colonial building give a historic view of the city while the modern building showcase the modern developments that the city has gone through. In simple terms, while you are at the Merdeka Square, you are viewing two hundred years of history.

Cultural Site

The best place to attain a feel of the culture of the city is by visiting the National Monument. The enormous bronze statue is a commemoration of the people who fought for the country during World War two and the ensuing years of chaos and civil unrest.

A visit to the new and old palaces can suffice for any photo loving tourist.

Check In To The Satit Hotel In Dannok, Thailand

The best in Thai hospitality can be found at the Satit Hotel in Dannok, Thailand, with its modern and luxurious accommodations. A simple search of the hotel online pulls up very picturesque scenery and images of the building’s interior and exterior. Take a good look at the rating this hotel has received cumulatively on different sites from many different travelers. It’s rating speaks for itself, as well as the reviews that back it up.
hotel hospitality
What’s also great about the Satit Hotel is its location, which is in the midst of many fine restaurants as well as bars and clubs. Additionally, you’re going to be next to all these great places to visit that are part of the culture, including great places to shop. And, you’re close to the airport in terms of hotels in this area, which is always good.

Another aspect of this modern hotel that sits well with travelers is the prices. For having such luxurious accommodations, this is quite a deal. The facilities at the hotel are enough to keep you busy, too, with plenty of featured amenities and things to do.
thailand hotel
There are 198 different suites available for booking at the Satit Hotel in Dannok, Thailand. Considering this hotel is located right by the border, it’s a very convenient stop. There is plenty to do in Songkhla, and the hotel offers meeting rooms, public areas, Wi-Fi access and full-service hospitality.

My niece has traveled to Thailand before, and she was amazed at the culture there. Everything is much cheaper, and the people are so nice. The whole country is great, so of course one of the best hotels in the area would be a home run.

Are you planning on visiting Malaysia too? If so, this is the country that borders Thailand, with Dannok only a mere three miles away. This way, you get the best experiences of both countries.

I had looked into Thailand years before my niece had decided to go, and the idea was for me to be an English teacher. I had been studying to be a teacher in college, and I was about to graduate. I was looking into going to either Thailand or South Korea. I was amazed at how cheap it was to live in Thailand.
hotel lobby
Thailand is also a very gorgeous country with a great cuisine. It’s one of the best travel experiences you can take due to the fact that it’s low cost as well. You can eat, shop and explore, doing practically everything for much less money than you would spend in many other places. Go to to know and see more.

The Many Day Trips From Kuala Lumpur

travelling to Kuala Lumpur

If you’re travelling to Malaysia, you should know that the country isn’t just about the Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur. The country has a lot to offer to tourists, so once piece of advice MyTravelLane like to dispense again and again is this: Get free from the capital city and uncover Malaysia beyond Kuala Lumpur, from wildlife encounters to charming historic cities.

Spend your day getting intimate with the wildlife within the mangrove sanctuary at Kuala Selangor Character Park. Then, at night, be enchanted by the dazzle light of thousands of fireflies.

This charming city is really a UNESCO world heritage site, having a rich multicultural heritage. Melaka is about two hours from Kuala Lumpur, and is really a rewarding town to understand more about.

budget hotel in Malaysia
When you’re done escape the warmth and go to a tea plantation within the moving hillsides from the Cameron Highlands. Look out for wildlife around the trails. Then have a bird’s-eye-look at the trees by crossing the cover Pathway. This excellent conservation facility is situated 20 km from Kuala Lumpur.

Aside from the Cameron Highlands, you will also Bukit Fraser or Fraser’s Hill, which is really a colonial hill station with excellent bird-watching and good hiking opportunities.

Of course, a trip to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete without segueing into the ocean and its offerings. Feast on sea food and take it easy on the stunning beaches of Port Dickson, just ninety km from Kuala Lumpur.

budget hotels in Malaysia
There are many, many more gems of adventure that you can have in Malaysia. If you want to have a complete list of what these are, read blogs or else read an updated edition of Lonely Planet. Take note, however, while many of the details were accurate at the time of their release, but they could change without warning. Make sure to verify all the details of your trip before planning your vacation to Malaysia.
Read reviews and suggestions about hotels, resorts, plane tickets, vacation rental fees, holiday packages, and much more so you can plan and book your ideal trip!

Once you have steered clear of the maze that is the Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminal and investigated the city itself, make these local destinations part of your itinerary.

The colonial heart of Malaysia is found on the east side from the Melaka river (also known as Sungai Melaka), in the city of Melaka. It boasts ruins of an old Portuguese fort St Paul’s Hill provides great sights within the city. The city square offers memory joggers of Melaka’s past.

It’s not all ruins and architecture though. Site visitors may also have their fill of famous local cuisine known as Nyonya, aromatic fusion of Chinese and Malay cooking which was created over centuries of mixed partnerships in this region. It’s difficult to find elsewhere in Malaysia.
A 15-minute walk to Kampung Morten in the northern part of town is worth a night visit. A stroll across the riverside boardwalk provides sights of traditional Melakan fisherman’s houses plus some interesting river wildlife, including monitor lizards and also the bizarre mudskipper. The entire area can also be superbly illuminated during the night.

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The Best Tips To Get Budget Hotels In Malaysia


Malaysia is the one country in Asia that you should go to if you’re serious about experiencing Asian culture without being too far out from civilization. Malaysia is steeped in culture and tradition and yet it’s a totally modern country with the Petronas Towers as proof of its march into the modern area.

Wikihow Travel in Malaysia

Located in South East Asia, you can easily travel to other Asian countries when you’re in Malaysia. It’s only a few hours from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos by plane. There are many budget airlines that ply the Southeast Asian skies from and to Malaysia. And the best thing about it is that there are just as many budget hotels in Malaysia that you can stay in while you’re enjoying your sojourn.

budget hotels in Malaysia
Of course, just because you have a budget hotel in your mind, we don’t suppose you’re willing to go budget all the way. If you just typed in “budget hotel” in Google’s search bar or some other search engine, what we’re really thinking is to find a decent hotel that have a decent shower and decent beds. So, how do you find these hotels in Malaysia? Of course, the only way to find them is through the Internet.
Before you book a budget hotel, determine first what a budget hotel is. Although it’s one of the richest countries in the Southeast Asian region, Malaysia is NOT the United States in terms of high price. That said, you can expect to find budget hotels that cost only $30 to $50 per night.

You can look for these hotels by going to websites like Trip Advisor and narrowing your search based on budget. Don’t be afraid to look at the results and to read the reviews. As we said before, Malaysia is not Europe or the United States and so the standards are different. While $30 is loose change in certain areas in the US and Europe, it still has value in Malaysia, so you can expect to find budget hotels that are serious about promoting their brand to different foreign guests.

budget hotel in Malaysia
If you’ve ever used travel websites (not just Trip Advisor), you will notice that they are heavy on star ratings and reviews by former guests. You might be wondering how reliable these are. If you ask us, you really can’t expect all of these reviews and star ratings to be real, however, if you see that the star ratings are based on at least one hundred ratings, it’s rather impossible to fake them all, mainly because paid reviews are expensive, and we highly doubt the budget hotels in Malaysia have the kind of budget required to run a paid reviews campaign.

So, when searching for a budget hotel based in Malaysia, make sure to find establishments that have at least three star ratings based on at least 100 ratings by different former guests. Having that kind of stats means the hotel is decent enough for you to stay in and have a good night’s sleep while you’re in Malaysia.

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